February 2014

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Lýsi started up a new factory in 2005. This factory is one of the most elegant in the world and its performance has exceeded all expectations. There has been a steady development and increase in activities
At Grundartangi, Landsnet now has started operating a new Static VAR Compensator (SVC), in a station called Klafastaðir. Grundartangi is the largest load point in Landsnet's system and disruptions in
strongest 2013
EFLA Consulting Engineers is in the 46th place in Creditinfo's 2013 list in its evaluation of the financial strength and stability of companies. EFLA is also one of the 115 companies that have managed
Statnett bredde
EFLA Consulting Engineers has during recent years been working on preparation and design in respect of the construction of a 150 kilometer, 420 kV high-voltage line that Statnett is going to build in northern