Siemens Solution

EFLA consulting engineers is now a Siemens Solution Partner – Automation, one of more than 1200 companies around the world in the partnership program. The goal of this partnership is to generate benefits for all parties involved: for the manufacturing industry, EFLA and Siemens. By combining our sector-specific expertise and Siemens product and system-specific expertise, we can develop tailor-made solutions for our customers thus giving them a competitive advantage in the market. EFLA will have better access to the latest technical information, support and more training options from Siemens. EFLA will always have the latest version of development tools used to implement Siemens control system solutions.

For EFLA to become a Solution Partner, a few members of EFLA's staff participated in Siemens automation training last autumn where they passed tests in SIMATIC Automation System, SIMATIC HMI and SIMATIC NET. Those were: Daníel Sigurbjörnsson, Jón Fjölnir Hjartar, Erlendur Ólason and Stefán Kemp Bjarkason. In the future EFLA experts will continue participation in training courses, maintaining and adding to their knowledge of Siemens solutions.


EFLA Consulting Engineers have used Siemens equipment for decades. In on-going projects around the world, EFLA continues to use Siemens solutions. Control systems in the dairy industry in Iceland, projects at 8 submersible drilling rigs in Norway (e.g. Scarabeo 8 Mud mixing system, West Alpha ESD), and control systems for emission cleaning at power plants in Saudi Arabia.


The photo shows Susanne Bonde, Siemens Solution Partner Manager, hand over the Siemens Solution Partner diploma to Stefán Kemp Bjarkason, dept. manager at EFLA Industry division.